Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is us!

Okay, so this entire blog thing is new to me. I keep getting told by Sabrina its not that hard so this is my attempt. I'm Denae. I may be a young Mom but I have been through enough to know what works and what doesn't, for me anyways. I have three kids. The four of us live in Rexburg but spend most of our time in Sugar City. I am trying to finish school at Career Beauty College. After I get my license in cosmetology I would like to at an associates in business management. School takes away a lot of time from my kids and it is hard. I guess that is part of the reason its taking so long. Well about my kids:

Aiden is three. He wants to be so big and he tells me that a lot. We tell him he has to eat ALL his dinner to get big muscles. He likes to think with big muscles he could beat up Daddy. He loves being a big brother. He is always trying help. His favorite color is red, or so I am told. And he frequently is telling me he wants to live outside.

Kaydance is two going on ten. She has an attitude and is always finding a way to get into trouble. She'll tell you what she thinks and doesn't like to be told anything. She likes things her way. She wants to be big but her little legs slow her down. If she can get away with something that Aiden can't she'll do it. Between Aiden and Kaydance I have a hard time closing my eyes if they are awake.

Allyson came into our lives on May 13th. She is getting big, just not tall. She is a good baby and sleeps a lot. We just started the smile stage. :) Because she is so young we are all still trying to get to know her. This is all I can think to say right now so I'll "blog" later.

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