Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 please be kind to us!

As crazy as this year has been I know it is only gonna get better :o)

We started the year off with Aiden turning 5!!!! I can't believe I have been a Mommy for 5 years!!! Where did all this time go? The days take FOREVER, and the years fly by. I can remember being pregnant with this precious child but forget what was for breakfast yesterday..... Its hard to think of all the things that have happened. There is lots to say I accomplished and learned in this short time. I know how strong I can be and also how weak I have been. Lets just say- No turning back!

Moving through the year we have some great things to look forward to.

April 13th Kaydance turns 4!!!!

Friday, May 13th Allyson hits the grand 2nd year of her life....

July Sabrina comes to town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October is Halloween month and my favorite holiday, and we should end the year there ha ha

I've been slacking in my blog so I thought if I gave a year update the rest wont be to bad. I will add here and there- fingers crossed! Cheers to the new year!!!!!

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