Friday, August 2, 2013


 Ever have one of those days where you are ready to throw in the towel at noon and by 9 pm the kids haven’t eaten dinner and there isn’t one dry, clean towel in the house….I am hoping by writing the day out, some day I will be able to laugh about it. 

 Yesterday was Jt’s birthday, which he was able to celebrate by driving to Canada. Don’t get me wrong, I love how hard he works and that he loves his job. He is a fantastic truck driver and travels through some really cool places. I was bummed not to be able to enjoy him on his day and let the kids surprise him with homemade birthday cards and finish the day with cake, singing, and ice cream. 

 I tried to stay happy and motivated and to get things done but every time I turned around there was some kind of catastrophe. I would start the kids on a project or picking up sticks and hoses which quickly turned in to pirates and total distraction. I mowed half the lawn and tried to get my kids to a new task. Here is a rake…. We are going to make a huge pile of grass, it will be fun. This is how we rake. This is where I want the grass. 5 minutes we were making good time. So I walked away to start mowing the other side of the house, until the mower died. Not sure 100% as too what is wrong with it. I am guessing it needs oil but I since have not had time for that. Walking back to my kids and the wheelbarrow is full of grass making easy access for their grass fight. When I turned the corner I see Allyson shoulder the metal kids shovel aiming for Kaydance’s head. “STOP!” “Don’t you DARE swing that shovel!” Was all I could shout to protect my other two kids. So from then all 3 marched into the bathroom to wash up and take a nap.

 During nap time it was a quick shower, 3 loads of laundry, prep dinner, and get kids back up and ready to hit the bank before it closed. That all sounds great and happy, except Allyson is not one to enjoy being woken up. I would have rather wrestled an alligator then to get her moving and get errands done. She cried while I put shoes on her. She cried getting into the truck. She cried the entire 8 blocks to the bank. She cried in the bank. She cried half way through grocery shopping. The other half she ran up and down and aisle and pulled 6 bags of chips off a shelf. Okay kid, enjoy shopping cart hell. Including seat belt. She was back to crying. 

 At home we unloaded the groceries and the whimpering had stopped so I caved and held Allyson for a good 20 minutes. 20 minutes of much needed relax time. Not only Allyson but Aiden and Kaydance couched up too. As soon as I started dinner the phone rang. It’s a good thing I was attempting a roast because once again we were out the door. We needed to run a jug of gas to someone about a mile down the road. It wasn’t a big deal and the kids were happy to go. I couldn’t help but laugh, because I too was running low on gas. Not out of gas, but low. We came back home and I asked the kids to clean while I finish dinner.

 Asking the kids to clean, without my supervision, is more like telling them to turn into tornados and destroy the house. Peeled potatoes, started the beans to boil and swoosh, a toy blows past my head. The kids stated running laps through the house so I started to split them up. Allyson on a chair at the table, Aiden and Kaydance were sent to their rooms.

 I was slicing potatoes when I heard a weird noise. Like a water running noise. I asked Allyson what she was doing…. My back was turned… and next thing I know I am standing in water! She had pulled on the tubing that connects to the fridge and now a rapid stream of water was flowing. I pushed the fridge away from the wall to grab the tub and stretch it to the sink. I didn’t know what else to do. I actually expected at some point the water would stop its self. Nope. I put Aiden and Kaydance on towel duty and I tried to call for help. I never yelled at the kids. I didn't really say much too them either. I think Allyson ran and hid, but not really sure. I made a few calls. I was lucky my Dad answered his cell. Whenever there is a big crisis my Dad is always there for me. He never fails. Maybe its his knowledge, maybe its him calming me down…. probably both. He answered by saying, "let me call you in 15 minutes." I think he was less that prepared for me to say, "its an emergency." He told me a few things I could do and also said he would come help. I don't know what he was doing before I interrupted but I am SO grateful for my Dad. I was able to shut off the water to the entire house and wait for him to come to the rescue. I did burn dinner though. I called JT back and just started breaking down. I know he was trying to make me feel better and reassure me that Allyson had no idea what she was doing but I was mad. And I told him that. I was trying to understand, and trying to let the stress go but I was still mad. I still wanted left alone. After hanging up I turned on the TV and walked back to making dinner. My Dad was able to fix everything, get the water all turned back on, and even turned our water heater down so it no longer scolds us. The kids ate their now cold, burnt dinner and went to bed. That was enough crazy for one night. 

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