Thursday, September 5, 2013

School August 2013

We have done a bit to get ready for the big first day. We had to get new shoes and new clothes. Kaydance needed to learn how to tie her own shoes (She learned in ONE day!). Aiden and Kaydance needed new back packs and all their school supplies. We had a ton of fun shopping with Dad!

My kids had mixed feelings when registration came along. This will be Aiden's 3rd school and Kaydance's 2nd. My kids were nervous about the teaches and meeting new friends. Moving sure does take its toll on everyone. After I filled out a tree full of paperwork and all 3 kids waited "patiently" we were able to take a look at the new school. I was very impressed. I believe this is the nicest school my kids have ever been to. The school is big and clean with lots to offer. The classrooms looked great. Aiden LOVED the lunch room. Kaydance was excited about the indoor play area. The gym also had a stage with the entire set up. Their school before wasn't near as nice. Makes me feel a little better about their education.

Rexburg does this amazing thing at the park called Celebrate Youth. Its a carnival that is so designed just for kids! They have books, raffle, food, games, and prizes. Best part- its all free! Its a good thing this was all the day before school starts because we.are.exhausted! Summer had been fun but I do believe we are ready for this school year to get a move on.


We found out who their teachers are on their first day :( The schools were all mixed up I guess. When we moved it was right at the end of the school year so they were no longer putting transfer information and told me to check at registration time. The old school sent their files to another school so I had some chasing to do. After many phone calls and paperwork we are finally all situated. Aiden will be in Mrs. Schaat's class and Kaydance has Mrs. Briggs. I was able to meet teachers and get a good idea about the years plan. Aiden is already reading a grade higher and in an advanced reading class. Kaydance is still undecided. We are working everyday on her writing. Overall, I am completely happy with the new school!

They made it!!! What are great year it is starting to be! They even get to ride the bus everyday!
Soon to come, East Idaho State Fair!!!

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